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Dale Ladouceur and the Broke Ensemble have just finished recording their long awaited second album, Do Ya Think

Here are some comments from Monica Miller from CKUA radio in Edmonton.

In spending time with Dale Ladouceur’s new recording “Do Ya Think”, I find myself applauding three things:  Her clear-eyed, unflinching view of the world around her; her willingness to say (or should I say ‘sing’) what’s on her mind with strength and the courage of her convictions; and, the great creative, artistic, and bold leap forward in her musical vision that this album represents. 

   Check out the video for the title track. It’s directed by Ben Babchishen of Hired Gun Productions.    youtu.be:FNobBCe_kXM

Dale’s the featured artist on Stick.com this month with a review from Greg Howard:


New Disc from Dale Ladouceur and the Broke Ensemble!