Audio Recording and Production
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Full Service Analog and Digital Recording Studio
All forms of tracking, editing, mixing mastering and manipulation

Production and Artist Development


Need someone to take charge of your project and bring your vision to life?  Our team has worked with many artists to develop their talents and bring their music to a greater audience. With years of experience in the Edmonton music scene and a long list of contacts, we can help take your project to the next level.  Or, if you are self produced, our in-house engineer and professional facility are at your service. We also welcome qualified producer/engineers who would like to use the studio for their projects.


 Crowtown is designed as a workshop style studio with no walls separating the control room from the studio, as is the traditional way.  This approach is becoming more popular with producers like Daniel Lanois and George Massenberg leading the way.

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Multi-format Recording Studio


Attention Edmonton producers and engineers: Crowtown has the best of both analog and digital domains at your disposal. Our Studer A80VU two inch, 16 track analog master recorder is one of the best multitrack analog tape formats available. Our DAW is the industry standard Pro Tools. Our digital I/O is the revered Prism Dream ADA8XR times three! 24 channels of the very best in A/D/A conversion.

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