Equipment list

This is a list of all the in-house equipment available


(tape incl.)

This is our wide-track Cadillac

Crane Song Spider 8X2(4) Mixer with A/D Converter

This is a wonderful sounding mixer with top shelf analog tape emulation and "fat" switches on each channel. There is also first rate A/D conversion on each individual channel and the stereo outs.

Other recorders:


Avid Pro Tools native on Mac Pro Mojave 

     Lynx 32 channel digital I/O

Alesis Masterlink 24 bit 96kHz CD recorder/mastering processor

Digital Performer 6, Alesis ADAT LX20, Fostex D5 DAT (for legacy projects)

Other mic pres and mixers: 


-Trident Trimix 16X8X2 (under restoration with partial functionality) used for equalizers and mic pre amps.

 -Api "Lunchbox" six channel 500 series power   supply/rack and Radial "Workhorse" 500     series power supply/rack.

-These are currently loaded with Neve 1073LB mic pre X2 and  1073LB EQ X2    Api 512c mic pre X2,  Api 550b EQ X2 and Api 525 compressor/limiter X2

  • Studer A80VU 16 Track Master Recorder



This is the core of our studio. We didn't compromise on this important audio processing stage. This, in addition to the Crane Song Spider (mentioned above), provides the very best quality digital audio conversion and is the perfect compliment to our world class analog tape recorder.

Other A/D/A converters:  

Crane Song HEDD 192 (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device) Stereo A/D and D/A converter with harmonic processing​

IMGP2493 - Ribbon mic.jpg


This is the crown jewel of our mic collection. A classic look with silky smooth sound

Other Microphones:

Coles 4038 ribbon mic 

Beyer Dynamic M160 ribbon mic X2

Sennheiser MD 421 dynamic mic

Sennheiser MD441 dynamic mic X2

Shure SM 58 dynamic mic X2

Shure SM 57 dynamic mic X2

Shure SM7a dynamic mic

AKG D112 dynamic mic

AKG D12VR dynamic mic

EV ND408 Dynamic mic X2

AKG 414B-ULS  multi-pattern condenser mic X2

AKG CK391-b small diaphragm condenser mic X2

Audio Technica AT3528 small diaphragm condenser mic

Audio Technica AT813a condenser mic

Audio Technica AT 4050 multi-pattern condenser mic

Aston Origin condenser mic

Rode NT2000 multi-pattern condenser mic

Advanced Audio CM 87 condenser mic

Advanced Audio CM67SE tube condenser mic X2

Advanced Audio CM49 tube condenser mic

Advanced Audio CM251 tube condenser mic

(Advanced Audio is a great Canadian company that makes  mics inspired by the vintage Neumann mic collection)


Monitors and Power:


Dynaudio Acoustics BM15P near field monitors  with Bryston 4B


Tannoy NFM8 near field monitors with Denon AVR 3803

Yamaha NS-10M near field monitors with Yamaha A100a

Auratone cubes with Denon AV 3808

IMGP2488 - board.jpg

Outboard Processors and Effects:


Purple Audio MC77 Limiting Amplifier (1176 copy) X2     

Api 525 comp/Lim 500 series. X2

Drawmer M500 Dynamics Processor stereo digital Comp/Lim. X2

RNC stereo Comp/lim X2

Valley People Dyna' Mite comp/expander/gate.

BBE 862 Stereo Sonic Maximizer.

Yamaha SPX 90 digital delay/reverb

Roland Space Echo tape delay/ reverb

Neve 1073 LBEQ X2 Api 550b EQ X2

Software Processing - Plug ins:

Waves Gold bundle, Waves mastering bundle, Waves SSL bundle, HOFA CD authoring software Celemony Melodyne, BarbaBatch file conversion software SoftSoap audio restoration software Izotope audio restoration software

IMGP2505 - organ.jpg


Instruments and Stage Gear:


Hammond M3 organ with Leslie 147 speaker cabinet

Yamaha U1 upright piano 

Washburn acoustic guitar

Korg SP-1705 digital keyboard

Roland S-50 sampling keyboard

SWR SM 500 bass amp

Hartke HA 2500 bass amp

Bag End Bass speaker cabinet 15"

Hartke Bass speaker cabinet 4-10"

Galien Kruger Bass speaker cabinets 2-10" and 15"

DW  5 piece drum kit with Zildjian and Sabian cymbals

LP congas


Lots and lots of other percussion instruments




Endless Analog CLASP (closed loop signal processor). This enables us to seamlessly integrate the Studer tape recorder with the Pro Tools DAW  to deliver analog sound, fresh off the tape to our pristine A/D converters.  This is our preferred way to use the Studer.

Lynx AES 16e AES 16 channel digital interface X2.  Lucid GEN-X192 master clock  Cloudlifter CL-2 mic activator  Radial Direct boxes - JDI Duplex, JDI X2, JDV, X-Amp

Sansamp Bass Driver direct box   Sansamp Acoustic direct box

Crane Song Avocet Calibrated Monitor control.  Allen and Heath Mix Wizard W3 12M monitor mixer 


Legacy gear:

Alesis Masterlink CD recorder   

Fostex D5 DAT recorder.   

Alesis AI-1 digital interface

MOTU 2408 optical digital interface

Alesis ADAT LX20 20-bit digital recorder