Edmonton musicians Dale Ladouceur and Bill Hobson have been together since 1991. Shortly after they met, their home studio, Crowtown Productions was born (1993). It was named for Dale's love of ravens and crows. She was nursing an injured crow at the time the studio was named.
It started in the basement of the house with Tacoy Ryde brother Barrie Nighswander's Fostex 8 track 1/4 inch tape deck. (the same kind Beck used for "Loser"). Later 24 tracks of ADAT were acquired and put to serious use. After this, a purpose built studio at the rear of the property was constructed. After operating for many years, they have established a well equipped, professional recording facility.
Dale and Bill have worked in the Edmonton music scene for over thirty years; both in their own groups or as side musicians on local dates. They've seen a multitude of artists come through their studio and have made many excellent recordings in their time.
Crowtown is the full realization of their dream to have their own professional recording studio. For many years Crowtown has been a semi-private home studio with clients usually drawn from Bill and Dale's circle of friends and recommendations. The space has also been used as a rehearsal space for their various live shows as well as for touring acts with whom some of their friends are working. Basically, it's their little piece of heaven they are sharing with the broader public.
  • Studer A80VU 16 Track Master Recorder

  • Trident Trimix 16X8X2

  • Bill is restoring this classic British console. It's in partial service right now

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